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4 Shortcuts For Your Success

If you want a shortcut to success then these are for you.  These are not alternatives to the Essentials I mentioned before but a great way to get ahead of your competition.


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A Powerful App For Your Business In Days


The average cost of a business app can be $6,453 with developers charging over $100 an hour with few prepared to discuss a project of less than 50 hours!

But Now you can get a P4 Digital Marketing Agency App in days for a fraction of the price!

With a P4 Digital Marketing Agency App you can get ahead of your competition and…
• Reach more customers – mobile search is popular and your app will help with “word of mouth” recommendations and your business is on their phone.
• Build a closer relationship with your customers – through messages you can alert them with offers and notice when new stock arrives.
 Showcase your products – not just as an online catalogue but send them discounts or bundle offers to get them back to your website again and again getting you more repeat business
• Send messages – direct to your app owner’s phones.   Powerful marketing right to their phone or tablets front screen.
• You can even send messages automatically to app owners who come close to your business.  This powerful feature is called “geofencing” and can almost drag your customers through your door.
• Easily update it without complicated or expensive coding.  Add new pages and content at any time.

Who needs this? – Anyone who wants and edge on the competition.  Having your business on your customer’s phone is powerful marketing.

What does it cost? – It costs just 199 (plus £39 a month but only if you want the advanced features.

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Leads For Your Business


If other businesses are you clients then you need the best leads you can get.
My research shows that the best most accurate source of leads is Facebook.  You’ll find real up to date information from companies looking to connect.   These are the best quality business leads. No fake email addresses here!
This is the equivalent of manually searching Facebook yourself – saving you hours and hours.

Who needs this? – Anyone who needs business to business leads.

What does it cost? – It costs as low as £5!


The Ultimate Social Media Package For Your Business


Social media can play a vital role in both establishing your brand and building trust.  It helps you share what you offer as well as your business’s values, characteristics and attributes.
Your customers are on social media and so should you!

This package includes post creation and distribution to engage with your leads and customers.  This is social media done for you!

Who needs this? – Anyone who wants to engage with customers and leads.    However, I suggest most people try the 6 Month Plan first as his includes social media posting.

What does it cost? – It costs from £149 a month


Lead Generation System


Put your marketing on autopilot with a Lead Generation System.

What is it? – A system by which you capture email addresses of your website visitors in return for a free offer or useful report.  This email is fed into software known as an autoresponder that can then send a series of helpful and marketing emails to generate sales.  The email you are reading now is an example of this in action.   How could you use this in your business?

Who needs this? – Anyone who wants to make sales from their website.

What does it cost? – It costs £299 to get it all set up for you and then £50 a month to manage it on your behalf.



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