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Beware These Traffic Scams

Please be wary of traffic scams as they are some of the worst there are.


You’re offered so many visitors but all you get are hits on a counter they give you as bot traffic “visits” your site.


Let me explain how they work.   Say you bought some traffic for “targeted movie fans” then all the scammer has to do is program the bot to visit legitimate move sites like IMDB and Amazon’s movies page then to your site.

It looks real but it won’t add a single customer or sign up.

There is also another problem – you’ve just given your credit card details to a scammer!

Really the best options to get the traffic you need to your site is through my 6 Month Plan For Local Businesses claiming your Google My Business Listing.


Other scams to watch out for…

Avoid ANYTHING that claims they hung out with MR X from Google had a beer together
Google does not hang out and chat about secret stuff they are doing with marketing people.  In fact, they plant “mystery attendees” at conferences so they can find out what our industry is up to.

Avoid Backlinks offers such as “We can get you 500 links in 1 month”
Chances are they are putting your site on very low quality directories or they are paying for links.  Either way, these links are likely to have little to no value and are not going to help your site at all.  In some cases, they can end up hurting your site and get you penalized by the Search Engines.

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