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Have You Any Idea What People Are Saying About Your Business Online?

Have you looked into your online reputation?  If not, you could be losing sales and not even know it. Today, most consumers go online to see what others have to say before choosing a company to do business with.


Over 70% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from people they know. Due to this fact alone, your company must do everything you can to ensure that you have a strong, solid online image.

Are you investing in expensive, traditional advertising methods… such as Yellow Page, Television, Radio, or Newspaper ads… and are not seeing any results?

The problem probably isn’t with your ads; it could be what consumers are reading about you online. Advertising is just the first step that allows you to reach consumers; the next hurdle is gaining their trust so they will choose your company over your competition.
With online reputation management, you can increase local consumer attention to your business in ways you’ve probably never imagined.

Have you ever gone online to check out a local business, product or service? If so, did you read the reviews about the companies – or did you ignore them? If you’re like most consumers, you read them. Not only that, but you probably trusted those reviews and used them to help you make a decision.

The same process flow happens when people are searching for YOUR type of business in the area. However, if you’re not paying attention to what is being said, you have no way to soften the blow should something negative come up.

This is why online reputation management is no longer an option in today’s internet savvy environment; in fact, it is a MUST if you want to operate at your full potential and consistently bring in new customers.

This is what I recommend…


Manage Your Reputation

Reputation management is an essential aspect of building sales and leads online as a single bad review can deter potential customers.

I recommend an intelligent solution that asks customers for feedback and then acts on what is entered.  Those who leave good feedback are thanked and prompted to post good reviews online.

Those that leave bad reviews are sent an apology and an email is sent automatically to your staff so that the complaint can be dealt with and the bad review avoided before it is posted.

Very simple and extremely effective!

Who needs this? – Anyone with a business.   Whether you have a website or not your customers maybe posting damaging reviews about you.

What does it cost? – It costs from just $199 a month.

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