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Digital Marketing Audit – ONLY £99

The most comprehensive online local marketing audit of your Google listing, website, social media, back links citations and reviews.

The results of these 9 tests could have a dramatic impact on your business, leads and sales!

Our 29 point Local Website Audit will pinpoint problem areas, specifically for ranking in local search. We look at what the site is doing right, what the site is doing wrong, and what the site isn’t doing at all.
Our analysis combs over Google My Business Page optimization suggestions, local onpage/offpage, social, backlink data, and more.
Conducting a comprehensive local SEO audit for your client is a no-brainer and you might be surprised at what we find for you. We highly recommend them.


1. Local Onpage SEO

Hardly any website designers know anything about search engine optimisation (SEO) which is like selling you a car without an engine. An SEO audit is essential for your online success.

We look at all major factors that might be hindering your local site from ranking: schema, maps, NAP consistency, and much more. This is the most comprehensive section of the audit.


2. General Onpage SEO

Our General Onpage SEO section tackles onpage that isn’t locally specific… Internal links, site speed, mobile friendliness, and a few others.


3. Google My Business Page – Find out why your Google Business listing is buried below page 1

Google also ranks Google Business listings with the top 3 getting the majority of the traffic. These pages can be deceptively simple, some think all you need to do is verify it and then the job is done.  Find out what you need to do to rank higher.


4. Content Audit

We’ll tell you how much content the site has (and if it could use more), where any duplicate content is, and more important content issues.


5. Backlink Audit

We’ll dig through your pages and links, find any important pages that might be neglected, and also give you some ideas for potential new niche link sources.


6. Conversion Suggestions

Even though conversion has little to do with local SEO, I included conversion in the audit because of how many times I saw local sites getting the fundamentals wrong when it came to conversion. We’ll make sure the site isn’t making any major conversion mistakes.


7. Social

How many of your pages have social signals, if any at all? Where can you still register the businesses brand-name? We check the most important data for you when it comes to Social and report back what we find.   We’ll give you a full rundown on social metrics and performance.


8. Find and audit reviews of your business – even those you don’t even know you have

This test can save your business as well as your Google rankings as many businesses are being harmed by bad reviews they didn’t even know they had!


9. Audit your NAP citations.

Local citation consistency can work for your SEO campaign or work against you. If everything is consistent and correct, it’s a big plus. But if your citations are inconsistent (basically, a big mess) it will really be a hinderance to getting the kind of rankings you expect.
This can be a time consuming process if there’s a lot of citations out there. Not only do you have to find them, but you’ll have to visit and check every single URL to make sure it’s displaying accurate information. Not only do we scrape, research, and find all of a websites citations. But we also visit each URL after we find it and note the business name, address, and phone number displayed. We will tell you what citations are correct, what need fixing, and what are duplicated.





Which do I need?  The Digital Marketing Audit or Digital Marketing Rescue Plan?  

You may need one, the other or both.

If your website is less than a year old – This is what you need.

If your website is established and you have noticed a drop in traffic, or are worried you’ve been penalised by a google update or have previously dabbled with “black hat”,  spammy techniques or bought links?   Then click to go to the Digital Marketing Rescue Plan.

If you’ve changed your business details such as address or phone number – This is what you need.

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