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If You Do Nothing Else You MUST… you must, must, must … Get Google To Work For You!


Claim Your Google My Business Listing And Get Free Traffic!

This is becoming so important to local businesses as Google uses this for voice searches such as Siri and Alexa.

A few years ago Google tried to be helpful and set up millions of free websites for small businesses.  Unfortunately, they didn’t tell anyone.   While some businesses claimed them others did not.  While you should get yours claimed and optimized to get the free traffic from Google searches it’s actually more urgent as it could be harming your business!
While you haven’t claimed your listing it’s still there for the public to see and some may have even left reviews of your business and you don’t even know!   These could even be damaging your business.
You really must claim your listing and take control of all your online real estate.

Who needs this? – All businesses – even if you don’t have a website or even a Facebook page.

What does it cost? – Some scam artists charge up to £500 for this!  There really isn’t much to do so I will do it for you for £20.



Google My Business Listing Optimisation

Having your Google My Business listing is important – but to make it really worth while you need to optimise your listing to give you the best chance of gate-crashing the top of the Google search results and getting free traffic.

Who needs this? – Anyone who wants more from their Google My Business listing.

What does it cost? – It costs just £99.

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