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What Do You Do If Your Website Isn’t Working For You?

This is the answer to a very common question.   Many businesses like you have previously bought a website – often one with pretty graphics- that has sat there costing you money and has done nothing at all for your business.

Or, you had a great website and it’s just nosed-dived in the search engines and disappeared from sight.

Whatever the issue you have 3 main options.


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Find out what the problem is with a Digital Marketing Audit – ONLY £99

The most comprehensive online local marketing audit of your Google listing, website, social media, back links citations and reviews.

Our 29 point Local Website Audit will pinpoint problem areas, specifically for ranking in local search. We look at what the site is doing right, what the site is doing wrong, and what the site isn’t doing at all.
We also audit your reviews and your citations (essential for ranking).

Who needs this? – Anyone who has a new website or established website that isn’t working for them as well as they hoped.

What does it cost? – It costs just £99.



If you have suddenly suffered a drop in the search engines for an established site then you need the Digital Marketing Rescue Plan.


We will carry out  a detailed link analysis, spam audit check for On Page Google guidelines and violations and evaluation of content quality, including checks for duplicate content and plagiarism checks.
Once your assessment is complete you will be provided with a fully costed bespoke solution.

Who needs this? – Anyone who’s being penalized by a Google algorithm update and suffered a sudden drop in search position.

What does it cost? – Get started for only £59.



The final option is to start again and Get A Website Ready For Today’s Customers


This is a new modern website that works for your business and is mobile friendly and should provide…
Your showroom – it should show potential customers what you do and how you can help them.
Impress your visitors – and build trust in you as the expert they need.
Collect their details – either get them to sign up on an email list or follow you on Twitter or via Facebook.
Guide them to your offers or your door – Include locations details and maps as well as special offers.
Include a strong call to action – such as – Order a P4 Website today!

Who needs this? – Any business that needs a website or a fresh start.

What does it cost? – It costs from £499.

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